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Dafeng Mingyue Bearing Bush Co. Ltd. held its seventh monthly meeting for 2024


Recently, Dafeng Mingyue Bearing Bush Co. Ltd. held its seventh monthly meeting for 2024. General Manager Chen Wenyin presided over the meeting, and workshop supervisors, team leaders, office and financial personnel attended the meeting.

Main content of the meeting:

Ⅰ.Personnel from various departments report their work;

Ⅱ.Workshop director Li Gang made a summary report on the company's overall situation last month;

Ⅲ.General Manager Chen Wenyin commented on the work of each department and deployed post work arrangements.

General Manager Chen Wenyin pointed out that the summer rainy season is approaching, and each working group should first do a good job in flood prevention during the rainy season; The second is to do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling during hot summer weather, and closely care about the work status of employees.

By June 2024, the company had achieved half of its annual sales target for 2024. At present, Dafeng Mingyue has made great progress in increasing production capacity, but there is still room for improvement. In 2024, the company's personnel increased by nearly 30%, and equipment investment increased by nearly one million. Only by doing a good job in personnel management, ensuring equipment stability, and adhering to the work policy of "two hands, both hands must be hard", can the beneficial ship of Dafeng Mingyue steadily move forward against the current.

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