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Bearing Terminology


Bearing bush, also known as sliding bearing, has two kinds: integral and split. Integral bearing shells are commonly referred to as bushings, while split bearing shells have a semi-circular cylindrical surface in the shape of tiles. Due to their resemblance to tiles, they are commonly referred to as bearing shells.

Bearing shell

1.Crush relief(Free spread)

2.Locating lug

3.Bearing width

4.Width of locating lug

5.Bearing surface

6.Oil hole

7.Oil groove

8.Wall Thickness

9.Bearing back


10.Outer Diameter

11.Bush Length

12.Oil Hole

13.Oil Groove

14.Wall Thickness

Thrust washer

As a type of engine sliding bearing, the thrust washer mainly plays a role in supporting the axial direction of the crankshaft in the engine. While ensuring the axial rotation of the crankshaft, it prevents the axial movement of the crankshaft.

15.Outer Diameter

16.Thrust Surface

17.Oil Groove

18.Locking Lug

19.Wall Thickness

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